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Amy Wienands
Amy Wienands Real Estate brokered by eXp Realty

About Me

Waterloo Fiber is critical to the growth of the city. Not only will it be great economically to attract businesses to the area and provide funding to our community, it also brings out local talent. Waterloo Fiber is hyper focused on supporting local and it's truly an honor to be a part of the groundbreaking of a new company that has the potential to put Waterloo on a really strategic path of growth.

Andrew Van Fleet
Visual Logic, LLC

About Me

I am extremely proud of our team's hard work and close collaboration to make this project a reality for our community. I know it will have an incredibly positive impact on Waterloo now and far into the future.

Kelley Felchle
Board Secretary
Mike Young
Partner, Shuttleworth & Ingersoll Law Firm

About Me

"I look forward to Waterloo Fiber bringing great service to the people of Waterloo and becoming something for which we can all be proud."

Rich Kurtenbach
44 year member of IBEW, Local Union 288. Labor Leader for Local 288 for over 26 years.

About Me

I have had the privilege to serve on another public service start up besides the Waterloo Fiber Utility.  In 2008 I was part of establishing the Iowa Electrical Licensing and Inspection Program. Very similar to the Waterloo Fiber, it was paving a plan for years to come for a government entity.  With both, this is a very involved process and knowing some of the issues with the previous start up has come in handy.  The best part about being part of this new utility is we know we are helping the people of Waterloo to have a better option to our everyday needs for communication.  It’s not just internet, its phone and television as well. I very much appreciate being part of the Team setting up Waterloo Fiber!    

Rob Nichols
Waterloo City Council Liason

About Me

"I'm excited to see the broadband equity we're bringing to our citizens. Waterloo Fiber is poised to expand a diversity of opportunities for people and businesses alike."

Ted Batemon
Electronic Engineering

About Me

I love the fact that we are future proofing the City of Waterloo to be at the edge of technology and with the ability to grow this community with the appeal of our Fiber Network to new businesses, families and commerce. I enjoy serving as I am a longtime member of this community and growing up in it, I find it rewarding to see it grow and thrive with this fiber network.


Customer Support Representative II

About Me

"I wanted to come to Waterloo Fiber as I believe that this is something that is going to be wonderful for the city of Waterloo and I want to be a part of something big and awesome."

Danna enjoys volleyball, softball, hanging out with her child and husband doing outdoor activities and building projects together. She also enjoys her summertime at the cabin with friends and family.

General Manager
319.291.0175 ext 3725

About Me

"Having worked in local and municipal broadband in the past, I know firsthand the huge positive impact it can have on a community. I want to be a part of bringing that to Waterloo."

Eric loves to be outdoors running, hiking, camping, hunting and golfing. He also likes to travel, cook, and spend time with his family!

Customer Support Manager
319.291.0175 ext 3728

About Me

"I love assisting with creating workflows and developing processes, so working for a startup is REALLY allowing my inner go-getter to shine! We truly have a unique opportunity to bring an amazing product to people who WANT options. In my role, I get to connect with people. I love getting their feedback on past experiences and hearing their hopes for the future. Not only that, but I have an incredibly brilliant team who have quickly become friends. I'm proud to be a part of something I believe in."

Erica is a coffee obsessed Mom of 3! When she's not working you can find her in a gym or on some type of sports field. She also loves watching live music, reading (when there's time), and hitting up local eateries or breweries with her husband and friends.

Strategic Communications Manager
319.291.0175 ext 3729

About Me

"I absolutely love the Cedar Valley and have been here my whole life. I am beyond excited to use my unique skillset and be a part of something that has been needed for so long for the city of Waterloo with such a fun team. I'm all about relationships, networking, and connections so to be able to #connect Waterloo in such an innovative way is going to be so fun and satisfying to watch happen."

Erin is an Alani addicted, pink everything, music loving, animated, creative, organized, office supply obsessed, athletic, trail loving, grill master, traveler, Mama and Wife!

Outside Plant Engineer/Technician Supervisor
319.291.0175 ext 3727

About Me

"My only reason for wanting to be a part of Waterloo Fiber is that 22 years ago I moved to the US and more specifically Waterloo, IA. I made it my home and have had many opportunities to move away but felt more at home here. My entire career I've worked in telecommunications and the last 15 years I spent at CFU. I believe I had something to offer Waterloo Fiber and my own community providing the same great service I had been providing the citizens of Cedar Falls for a very long time. It is something that Waterloo has been wanting and really needing for as many years as I had been in the US, and I believe that I have the experience to offer Waterloo Fiber. This is my community and I know what can be achieved at CFU and know that if Waterloo could have the same opportunity they would grow as a city and accomplish so much through additional business and growth supporting residents and providing the best in customer service. Everyone we hire at Waterloo Fiber can make this city a great place to call home or work."

Ian says his friends and family are his favorite things and loves to grill a lot of food during the summertime!

Technical/NOC Support Manager
319.291.0175 ext 3730

About Me

"I was inspired by the vision of this new Cedar Valley technology company to deliver fast, reliable fiber infrastructure to the city. I am excited to contribute and play a role in fostering its growth."

John is a long-time resident of Waterloo who enjoys spending time with his wife and family (3 kids and 4 pets). His hobbies include anything with technology; from data centers and the digital infrastructure that powers the world to cryptocurrencies and more.

Customer Support Representative II

About Me

"I am interested in making sure that the Waterloo community has accessible internet, phone and TV for a reasonable price."

Markiea enjoys playing video games in her free time. She is a mother of 2 and has two grandsons and two fur babies.

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