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Customer Notification regarding VoIP Service and E911

Network Management Policies and Practices Disclosure

This Network Management Policy and Practices Disclosure is provided pursuant to the Federal Communications Commission’s “Open Internet Rules” found at Part 8 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The policies and practices of Waterloo Fiber Internet regarding network management practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms are provided here so that current customers, prospective customers, third-party content providers and other interested parties can make informed choices regarding the broadband Internet access services offered by Waterloo Fiber Internet and the extent to which its network management practices may affect those services.

A. Network Management Practices

In the interest of providing the best online experience possible for all of our internet access customers Waterloo Fiber Internet utilizes reasonable network management practices tailored to achieve legitimate network management purposes. Because bandwidth is a limited resource for broadband Internet service providers, it is essential that Waterloo Fiber Internet reasonably manages its network to ensure proper use and enjoyment of the internet by all of its customers. By engaging in reasonable and responsible network management, Waterloo Fiber Internet prevents its customers from being subjected to the negative effects of spam, viruses, security attacks, network congestion, and other risks that threaten to degrade the internet service experience. Waterloo Fiber Internet network management practices, as set forth below, are consistent with industry standards.

Waterloo Fiber Internet will not unjustly or unreasonably prevent or interfere with competition among content, applications, service, or device providers. We use various tools and industry-standard techniques to manage our communications network and deliver fast, secure, and reliable internet access services. We believe in complete transparency and provide the following disclosures about our network management policies and practices:

  1. Blocking: Waterloo Fiber Internet does not block or discriminate against lawful content.
  2. Throttling: Waterloo Fiber Internet does not throttle, impair, or degrade lawful internet traffic based on content, application, service, user, or use of a non-harmful device.
  3. Affiliated Prioritization: Waterloo Fiber Internet does not favor any internet traffic applications over others and has no plans to do so.
  4. Paid Prioritization: Waterloo Fiber Internet does not favor or prioritize any internet traffic applications in exchange for paid or in-kind consideration intended to benefit particular content, applications, services, or access devices.
  5. Congestion Management: Congestion of the Waterloo Fiber Internet network is rare but does occur. When it occurs, our internet subscribers may experience decreased speeds/performance, but bandwidth is allocated fairly and in an “application agnostic” way (without regard to protocol, application, or the service the subscriber chooses to access through their internet access service).
  6. Application Specific Behavior:Waterloo Fiber Internet does not make use of any application-specific network management practices. We do not favor, modify, inhibit, rate control or block any specific protocols, protocol ports or fields, or any applications or classes of applications, while reserving the right to block ports as necessary to protect the network and its users.
  7. Device Attachment Rules:Customers must use PPPoeE to authenticate point-to-point connections between devices on the network. Waterloo Fiber Internet does not specifically limit device types for attachment to its network, but does not guarantee the functionality of third-party devices for such access. In order for a device to be approved for use on the Waterloo Fiber Internet network, the device must conform to publicly available industry standards and not be harmful to the Company’s network.
  8. Network Security: Waterloo Fiber Internet offers its customers unrestricted access to lawful content, services and applications available on the internet. We take various industry-standard measures to safeguard our network and the broader internet from harm or disruption, including protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks, phishing, spoofing, and other forms of unwanted or harmful online content and activities. In those instances where through our network management practices we identify online content as harmful or unwanted, the content may be prevented from reaching customers, or customers may be given an option to identify or inspect flagged content first to determine if it is harmful or unwanted. Our goal is to ensure the network’s reliability and availability by countering any malicious traffic that could compromise it. Waterloo Fiber Internet reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary, including suspending or terminating service to subscribers who engage in activities that violate our Internet Service Terms of Agreement or Acceptable Use Policies/Practices which can be found at www.waterloofiber.com.

B. Network Performance

Waterloo Fiber Internet offers its broadband internet access service via Fiber-to-the- Home (“FTTH”) utilizing fiber optic cable to deliver telephone and data services. Fiber optic cables have the capacity for an indefinite amount of data and will allow subscribers to receive better

quality voice and data transmission services at their residential and/or business locations. The advertised speed of internet service is the maximum speed achievable with the technology utilized for the broadband service offering subscribed to. Waterloo Fiber Internet makes every effort to support advertised speeds and will dispatch repair technicians to customer sites to perform speed tests as needed to troubleshoot and resolve speed and application performance that may be caused by its network. We measure availability, latency, and aggregate utilization on the network and strive to meet our internal service level targets. Based on internal testing using platform specific test protocols, the mean upload and download speeds are typically the advertised speed. This internal testing also indicates a mean round trip latency of 17 ms to local ports. It is important for to note, however, that bandwidth speed at which a particular distant website or other internet resources may be downloaded, or the speed at which your customer information may be uploaded to a distant website or internet location is affected by some factors beyond Waterloo Fiber Internet’s control, including for example: the speed of the connection from a distant web server to the internet; congestion on intermediate transport networks, the limitations of your computer or other electronic devices, fixed or wireless accessing the internet; or your wireless router/WiFi equipment. In addition, your internet service performance may be adversely impacted by the inside wiring at your premises. Accordingly, you, the customer, must consider the capabilities of your own equipment when choosing and using our broadband internet service. The computers, wireless devices, or other networks in your homes or offices may need an upgrade to take full advantage of your chosen Waterloo Fiber Internet broadband plan. Waterloo Fiber Internet does test each service for actual and expected access speeds at the time of network installation to demonstrate that the service can support the advertised speed.

C. Commercial Terms Pricing

In order to meet the usage and budgetary needs of all of our customers, Waterloo Fiber Internet offers a good selection of broadband internet access plan options. To see the company’s current promotions and pricing on broadband Internet access service, please visit our website at www.waterloofiber.com or call 319-291-0175 to speak with a customer service representative. Waterloo Fiber internet service is priced on a flat-fee basis (plus taxes). The Company does not charge end users a usage-based fee for such services.

Waterloo Fiber Internet Contact Information:

For questions, requests for additional information, any complaints, Waterloo Fiber Internet may be contacted by phone, email or mail at:

Waterloo Fiber Internet
625 Glenwood St
Waterloo, IA 50703

Privacy Policy

Waterloo Fiber Internet affords full access to all lawful content, services, and applications available on the internet and does not routinely monitor, inspect or store the network activity and traffic of its internet access service users. Waterloo Fiber Internet does, however, reserve the right to monitor bandwidth, usage, data transmissions and content for purposes of protecting the integrity of its communications network and its internet access service through reasonable network management practices.

Waterloo Fiber Internet may collect equipment information to identify the equipment customer is using on the network, including but not limited to: equipment type; serial number; settings; configuration; and software. Waterloo Fiber Internet may also collect performance information to examine the operation of the equipment, services, and applications the customer may use on the network, including but not limited to: IP addresses; URLs; data transmission rates; latencies; location information; security characteristics;, and information about the amount of bandwidth and other network resources customer is using in connection with uploading, downloading or streaming data to and from the internet. This collection of or monitoring of network traffic, activity, performance information, and/or equipment information by Waterloo Fiber Internet is done solely for reasonable network management purposes.

Similarly, Waterloo Fiber Internet does not distribute information on end user network activity and/or traffic information to any third party entities for any non-network management purpose.

Waterloo Fiber Internet is of course required to comply with relevant federal and state laws, regulations, judicial orders, and governmental requests for information, relating to information covered under this Privacy Policy, as well as other categories of information.

Accordingly, any such information may be disclosed to other entities if Waterloo Fiber Internet determines, in its sole discretion, that the disclosure is required by law or is necessary to protect its interests or the interests of its customers. Waterloo Fiber Internet may also find it necessary to disclose any such information as part of any merger, acquisition, sale of company assets or transition of service to another service provider.

Additional Disclaimers

The FCC’s Internet Freedom “Transparency” rule provisions found at 47 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) section 8.1, as adopted, and this Privacy Policy are also not intended to affect, alter or otherwise supersede the legal status of joint efforts by broadband internet access service providers like Waterloo Fiber Internet and other service providers that are designed to curtail copyright infringement in response to information shared by copyright holders and/or their agents that is timely, effective, and is designed to accommodate the legitimate interests of service providers, copyright holders, and internet access end users.

Furthermore, neither the FCC’s Internet Freedom Transparency rules nor this Privacy Policy are intended to prohibit or prevent Waterloo Fiber Internet from engaging in reasonable efforts to address the transfer of unlawful content or unlawful transfers of content over its communications network. For additional information, please review activities that violate our Internet Service Terms of Agreement or Acceptable Use Policies/Practices which can be found at www.waterloofiber.com.

Contact Us

End users with questions, concerns or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy are encouraged to contact Waterloo Fiber Internet for more information or explanation.

Waterloo Fiber Internet
625 Glenwood St
Waterloo, IA 50703
(319) 291-0175

Service Agreement Terms and Conditions / Acceptable Use Policy

In subscribing to and using Waterloo Fiber Internet’s Internet Access service and other services, Customer  agrees to all terms and conditions set forth below and any additional terms that may be included within the  signed Service Agreement:  


2. ACCEPTABLE USE: Waterloo Fiber services may only be used by the Customer for lawful purposes. Messages or  materials received which violate any local, state, or federal regulations are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to,  copyrighted materials, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secrets.  Waterloo Fiber Internet does not allow users to originate through its Internet Access service unsolicited bulk email  messages (SPAM) and, further, any voice services provided by Waterloo Fiber Internet shall not be used for the making of  robocalls. Any such actions detected by Waterloo Fiber Internet will be cause for immediate termination of Internet  and/or voice services, at Waterloo Fiber Internet’s discretion, and may be subject to federal, state, and/or local  prosecution.  

3. USE OF INFORMATION: Use of any information obtained via this service is at Customer's risk. Waterloo Fiber Internet  specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services.  

In providing its Internet Access service, Waterloo Fiber Internet does not, in any way, control, manage or edit the content  of any material placed on the Internet by its Customers or any third parties, nor does it in any way control, manage,  monitor, limit or edit the material or content which Customer may access or become exposed to on the Internet. Customer  is solely responsible for any information which it places on the Internet, which it accesses on the Internet, or which it uses  through the Service; in particular, Customer is solely responsible for the legality of any such information or the access or  use thereof. Some information accessible on the Internet may be offensive either because of its graphic content (including  sexually explicit material) or because of the language that is used. Parents or other responsible adults may want to obtain  software that disables or limits access to such material.  

Waterloo Fiber Internet expressly disclaims any liability from any claims for damage arising out of or claimed to arise out  of Customer encountering via the Internet any illegal, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate content.  

4. INAPPROPRIATE USE OF SERVICES: Use of the services must conform to all Waterloo Fiber Internet restrictions  associated with the Customer’s account, as set forth herein or otherwise provided by Waterloo Fiber Internet to the  Customer. Waterloo Fiber Internet reserves the right to immediately terminate service of any customer who uses  Waterloo Fiber Internet’s network in violation of any of the established service terms and conditions.  

Waterloo Fiber Internet will cooperate with law enforcement officials and with other system administrators in the  legitimate investigation of illegal or suspicious activity.  

5. BILLING AND MINIMUM TERMS: Customer will be billed during the first business week of the month after Waterloo  Fiber Internet receives Customer’s order in Waterloo, Iowa, for the coming month's fixed service costs, as well as the past  month's fees. The first payment may also include installation costs, including service fees, local line/access charges and  monthly lease costs appropriate to the service selected. These fees are non-refundable. Monthly service fees are independent of the amount of traffic or systems access by users at the Customer's location. Billing will be included with  your monthly telephone bill and the due date for any charges owed will be printed on the bill statement. The minimum  length of services is one month. Waterloo Fiber Internet reserves right to adjust its services charges, including monthly  voice service charges upon giving at least thirty days prior notice to Customer.  

6. EQUIPMENT: Waterloo Fiber Internet recommends Customer use only approved equipment and configurations to  receive the Waterloo Fiber Internet’s Internet Access service. Waterloo Fiber Internet will install one jack (if one does not  exist), at no charge, extended from the network “demarcation point” which enables Customer access to the Internet. The  demarcation point is generally the Waterloo Fiber Internet’s installed box on the side of a building or house where the  Waterloo Fiber Internet’s network wires end and Customer premise wires start. Waterloo Fiber Internet will provide one  wireless router, at no charge, which is able to remotely monitor and test the health of the Waterloo Fiber Internet’s  Internet/broadband service connection and provide a wired and wireless access point at the Customer premises. This  router device will be owned and maintained by Waterloo Fiber Internet. Should the Customer refuse this Waterloo Fiber  Internet equipment, Customer will take on full responsibility for maintenance of the broadband connection on their side  of the established demarcation point and any Waterloo Fiber Internet testing or repair of Customer owned equipment  will be performed at regular Waterloo Fiber Internet time and expense rates. At Customer’s request, for additional fees,  Waterloo Fiber Internet will install and/or maintain any inside wiring that is necessary between the demarcation point  and the location of the broadband access jack.  

Any Waterloo Fiber Internet equipment provided to customer to enable access to Waterloo Fiber Internet’s  Internet/broadband service will remain the property of Waterloo Fiber Internet. In the event Customer terminates such  service, Customer is responsible for returning all equipment to Waterloo Fiber Internet in working condition. Customer is  liable for any damages to or loss of any provided Waterloo Fiber Internet equipment.  

7. EXTENSION OF SERVICE RESTRICTIONS: Waterloo Fiber Internet agrees to provide its Internet Access service to the  Customer named herein for their private use. Waterloo Fiber Internet's Internet Service is not intended for the hosting of  private or public Internet access points. All Waterloo Fiber Internet service accounts, whether for individual residential or  business customers, are single user/station accounts and the service shall not otherwise be extended, shared, or  transferred. Sharing the account with persons other than family members residing in an individual Customer’s household,  whether for compensation or otherwise, is strictly prohibited. This activity may result in immediate suspension of the  Customer’s Service.  

Customer acknowledges and agrees that its permission to use the Internet extends only to the address assigned to  Customer’s mailing address and does not extend to multiple other home or business address locations. Waterloo Fiber  Internet customers are prohibited from reselling or redistributing the Waterloo Fiber Internet’s Internet service to any  third party or parties via any means, including but not limited to wireless technology.  

8. BANDWIDTH: Actual data transfer or throughput of the Waterloo Fiber Internet’s Internet service may sometimes be  slower than (the minimum connection speed) due to Internet congestion, server speeds, protocol overheads, number of  connected devices and/or other factors that cannot be controlled by Waterloo Fiber Internet.  

Waterloo Fiber Internet reserves the right to evaluate the bandwidth or hardware utilization of individual accounts for  network management purposes. Excessive bandwidth or hardware utilization that unreasonably affects the ability of  Waterloo Fiber Internet to universally provide its service may result in a notice to the Customer, and at Waterloo Fiber  Internet’s discretion, the Customer may be asked to upgrade their Internet service package.  

9. NETWORK MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: In the interest of providing the best online experience possible for all its  customers, Waterloo Fiber Internet utilizes reasonable network management practices. Because bandwidth is a limited  resource for broadband Internet service providers, it is essential that Waterloo Fiber Internet reasonably manage its  network to promote the use and enjoyment of the Internet by all customers. By engaging in reasonable and responsible  network management, Waterloo Fiber Internet protects all its customers from the negative effects of network congestion, security attacks, viruses, spam and other threats designed to degrade Internet access service performance. The network  management practices employed by Waterloo Fiber Internet are consistent with industry standards and are more  completely disclosed on the Waterloo Fiber Internet website at https://www.waterloofiber.com.  

10. SECURITY: Waterloo Fiber Internet makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the security of the  Customer's data, computers, other devices, WiFi networks, or other local data network(s) that utilize Waterloo Fiber  Internet’s broadband service to access the Internet.  

Customers are solely responsible for the security of any device(s) which they choose to connect to Waterloo Fiber  Internet’s Internet service, including any data that is stored on the device(s). Waterloo Fiber Internet recommends that  all customers take appropriate security precautions for any devices, systems, or local networks. This includes any WiFi  network used to access the Waterloo Fiber Internet’s Internet service. All such networks should at minimum be password  protected and not left unsecured or “open” by the Customer.  

11. COMPLIANCE WITH THE DIGITAL MILLENIUM COPYRIGHT ACT: Some material available on the Internet may be  copyrighted, trademarked, or constitute a trade secret and some material may have been placed on the Internet in  violation of U.S. or other copyright and trademark law. Customer is solely responsible for determining the legal status of  any intellectual property it uses, copies or duplicates using the Internet service.  

Upon receiving proper notice in accord with DMCA provisions and after having knowledge or awareness of an infringement  of a copyright by Customer or a user of Customer’s service, Waterloo Fiber Internet will take all necessary actions as  required by the DMCA and other applicable laws. Waterloo Fiber Internet will expeditiously remove or disable access to  any allegedly copyrighted materials and may also suspend, disconnect, and/or terminate Customer’s Internet service upon  receiving evidence of repeated instances of copyright infringement. A complete copy of Waterloo Fiber Internet’s  Copyright Infringement Policy and related service terms can be found on the Waterloo Fiber Internet’s website at  https://www.waterloofiber.com.  

12. ROBOCALL MITIGATION: In accord with the federal TRACED Act (Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement  and Deterrence Act) and consistent with Waterloo Fiber Internet’s Robocall Mitigation Plan filed with Federal  Communications Commission, if Waterloo Fiber Internet has reason to suspect that illegal robocalling or spoofing is  occurring over its network, it will seek to identify the responsible party and take appropriate action to stop such practices.  

13. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Neither party shall be liable to the other for any loss, damage, liability, or expense arising  out of or in relation to this agreement or the furnishing of service or equipment, however caused, whether grounded in  the contract, tort (including negligence) or theory of strict liability, except that Customer shall be liable to Waterloo Fiber  Internet for the reasonable costs and fees of the services provided. The parties agree to work in good faith to implement  the purposes of this agreement, recognizing services to be provided by Waterloo Fiber Internet could not be made  available under these terms without an increase in cost if Waterloo Fiber Internet were to assume a greater liability.  

Waterloo Fiber Internet takes no responsibility for any damages suffered by the Customer, including but not limited to,  loss of data from delays in transmission, non-deliveries or mis-deliveries of messages or data, or service interruptions of  any kind whether caused by Waterloo Fiber Internet’s actions or Customer’s own errors and/or omissions.  

The Customer shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Waterloo Fiber Internet against any claim, loss or damage arising  from its use of the voice or Internet services provided hereunder, including: (1) claims for libel, slander, invasion of privacy,  or copyright infringement; (2) claims for patent infringement; or (3) any other claim arising from and act or omission of  the customer.  

14. CHANGE OF STATUS: Customer is responsible for all access to and actions taken related to the established account  and services provided. It is the account holders responsibility to safeguard their account password(s) and to ensure that  the terms and conditions established by this Agreement are honored by users of the services provided. 

Waterloo Fiber Internet will occasionally require that the customer update their account information as a condition to  continuing the provided communications services. Customer should also promptly notify Waterloo Fiber Internet in  writing of any changes that are necessary to keep the account information current.  

15. CANCELLATION OF SERVICE: Customer may cancel its Service at any time. Customer will be responsible for paying  the cost of all services already received up to the time of cancellation, as determined on a pro-rata basis. Waterloo Fiber  Internet may immediately terminate its services upon any violation by Customer of any of the terms and conditions of this  Agreement without notice. Otherwise, Waterloo Fiber Internet may terminate the Service upon 30 days prior written  notice to Customer. 

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