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Business Internet Service

Get down to business fast and securely with Waterloo Fiber’s business internet service.

  • Blazing-fast speeds on an ultra-reliable, fiber-optic network

  • Built exclusively for Waterloo customers

  • 100% local customer support

You know we’re all about you, Waterloo.

100% Fiber-optic Business Internet Service

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Per Month

300 Mbps Internet SMB

300 Mbps download and upload speeds with unlimited data


Per Month

1 Gbps SMB

1 Gbps download and upload speeds with unlimited data


Per Month

10 Gbps Internet SMB

10 Gbps download and upload speeds with unlimited data
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What Does 100% Local Customer Service Actually Mean?

We are Waterloo. When you call our front desk we are answering from our Waterloo office, not outsourcing elsewhere. When you get a technician coming out they are coming from our Waterloo office so that you get quick responses. It's your neighbor who truly cares about the service you're getting because they care about the community they live in too!

What Are the Technical Benefits of a 100% Fiber-Optic Network for Business Internet?

Fiber-optic internet service is much faster and more reliable vs cable internet or DSL. It also has other major advantages like no throttling and better TV picture quality.
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What are people saying?

“We would like to thank your entire staff for making this transition seamless and pleasant for our entire family. We don’t have any dead areas in the house at all and the speed of the system is fantastic.”

Brent Gilmore

Network Test Customer

Your crews have done great work! Our kiddo loved watching them work out of the window and they were wonderful with waving back to him when he’d try to chat about their work when we’d drive by. Can’t wait for Water Fiber service!

Michelle B.

Future Customer

“The service at Waterloo Fiber has been excellent. I have received prompt response to questions and been informed every step of the way. The Internet has worked in every room of the house without the buffering that we have often had with other service providers. I am happy that we made the switch.”

Shawn B.

Network Test Customer

"We just wanted to say what a wonderful job those people did out here with putting that cable through. They fixed everything up so you could hardly tell where they dug and fixed it up, so I just wanted to give them an applause for that. It's just a wonderful job they did, thank you very much!"


Home Owner

Community Impact & Blog

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July 12, 2024
Board President, Andy Van Fleet - Where It All Began!

Check out our latest video highlighting where Waterloo Fiber all began 5 years ago and the vision of the Board and where we want to be in the future!

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June 27, 2024
The Next Chapter: Testing the Waters with Our Valued Customers

As you know, the construction continues happening all over Waterloo. We're working quickly to try to get as much done as we can so that when our software and technology is ready to go, you'll be good to go and get connected!

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February 15, 2024
First network data center installed for Phase 1

We were able to get our first network data center installed 2 weeks ago!

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