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The Next Chapter: Testing the Waters with Our Valued Customers

June 27, 2024

As you know, the construction continues happening all over Waterloo. We're working quickly to try to get as much done as we can so that when our software and technology is ready to go, you'll be good to go and get connected! The construction and actual laying of the fiber is just the first steps. We need to get our software up and running along with our networks, billing systems, and Customer Support and Technicians.

Remember towards the end of December when we had our VERY FIRST test customers go live on our network? We're following up with them, and now testing our software, customer support, and technician processes.

So what does this mean?

We are working with the original test customers along with a few more to test our processes and software so that when we open it up to the public we can make sure you have a great customer experience.

When talking with these customers they have given us great feedback on how fast their speeds have been, how responsive our staff and crews have been, and how the service overall is fast and reliable. We've worked out a few kinks here and there which is great to identify now.

As we continue to follow up with these families we continue to find the best possible solutions and are excited to be that much closer to opening it up to the public. Stay tuned as we continue to update you as to where we're at and when it will be available for you.

We highly encourage you to go to www.waterloofiber.com and click the 'Get Started' button and enter your address and information so you get immediate updates when your area is ready to connect! Be the first to know and get in line for services the second we open it up.

Get ready for fast, reliable, affordable, and LOCAL exceptional customer support with Waterloo Fiber!

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